UFC Token Total Volume


How to get UFC token ?

The first phase: Pricing subscription

Amount: 3,000,000UFC

Time: 2020.6.22.12:00 ~ 2020.6.25.12:00 (UTC/GMT 0)

Price: 1ETH: 1500UFC (Max: 100ETH Min: 0.1ETH)


The second phase: Crowdfunding subscription

Amount: 14,000,000UFC

Time: 2020.7.1.12:00 ~ 2020.7.22.12:00 (UTC/GMT 0)

Price: Daily exchange ratio is 666666 / user's current investment amount (Min: 0.1ETH)



Send ETH to the Construct Address

Copy susscss!

Get UFC: Immediately!ImtokenExchange

24H Balance: --- ETH

Rules and precautions

The first phase

Ø · This phase of 3 million UFC, three-day pricing subscription, 1ETH=1500UFC, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ø · If exceed the limit 100 ETH per address, the transaction will fail.

Ø · Participation in investment will automatically fail when the first period is exceeded and the second period has not expired.

Ø · If the amount of participation exceeds the remaining exchangeable amount then the participation will fail.

The second phase

Ø · In this phase, twenty-one days, 14 million UFC will be distributed by crowdfunding.

Ø · Settled once a day, the daily exchange ratio is 666666 / user's current investment amount.

Ø · When participating, you can choose to specify the number of periods. If the specified number of participation periods has passed, the participation will automatically fail.

Ø · Participations in investment after 21 days will be voided.

* · Please use the address in the wallet to make the transfer (make sure you have your private key). Please do not directly withdraw money from centralized platforms such as exchanges and wealth management platforms to crowdfunding contracts. It is recommended to use decentralized wallets such as imtoken and metamask.

* · Add this address to your imtoken wallet

Mainnet’s rules