This is the first blockchain protocol that utilizes UPOS calculations. This will make our blocks easier to calculate and more effective.

What is UFC ?

Union Fair coin, as known for UFC. It’s the world’s first applicable Cross Chain Project. By using the innovative UPOS (Union Proof of Stake) decentralized consensus algorithm is adopted to complete cross chain asset transfer without the need to invade existing blockchain. Instead, it uses a simple purchase model plus a flexible smart contract. On top of that, UFC Chain is able to achieve various on chain asset transfer with multiple functions.

Multi- Asset cross chain mining

UFC Chain extradites assets on various chains to our own blockchain through cross-chain technology in order to facilitate transactions. The cross-chain function has the following benefit :

Ø ·Solve the transaction congestion problem of mainstream digital assets.

Ø ·Solved the problem of non-mainstream digital asset circulation.

Ø ·Addresses the need for direct rigid exchange of multiple assets.

Ø ·Solved the problem of large price fluctuations in block transactions.

Mobile Phone Mining

After more than ten years of development in blockchain mining, what was once fair, has become unfair. The monopoly of the miners, and the high cost of mining machines, forces retail participants out of the game. With that said, UFC chain’s team is committed to lowering the mining threshold, helping more users to participate in mining and obtaining mining revenue.

UFC participation methods

Miners Users

Miner mortgage users


Our roadmap
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